Dumbbells Have Loud Decibels

Dumbbells Have Loud Decibels

The current health-conscious generation is extremely serious when it comes to their exercise, which is an excellent lifestyle decision. There is no doubt that exercise leads to an enhanced physical and mental health, but people underestimate how noisy gyms can be. Prolonged exposure to loud noises may lead to hearing loss.

A recent study conducted at George Mason University, Virginia reported that the music that is played inside gym spin classes can be as loud as 100-110dB, which is close to the sound level of a rock concert! Any prolonged exposures to sounds that go beyond 85dB are considered to be unsafe and can be a cause for noise-induced hearing impairment. Compact spaces tend to amplify sound even more, thus your ears are exposed to dangerous sound levels due to the music played in fitness studios, which can lead to hearing loss.

When it comes to sound levels in gums, the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggests an exposure to a maximum sound level of 85dB for a maximum duration of 45 minutes. The higher the decibel, the lower the recommended time duration, so sound levels at gyms can be harmful even if you are exposed to them for a mere 1.7 seconds!

Even the constant clanging of weights and dumbbells at the gym can be detrimental for your hearing health since they expose you to sudden bursts of loud noises. The ironic part is that noise-induced hearing impairment is actually 100% preventable and is in a way, self-inflicted. Through the daily choices we make in life, we expose ourselves to unsafe levels of noise without hearing protection.

Take it upon yourself to protect your hearing the next time you visit the gym. Make sure you invest in a pair of well-fitted ear plugs that help keep you safe from loud noises at the gym. Another source of noise-induced loss of hearing occurs due to use of earbuds to listen to personal audio devices, which is another common practice at the gym. Earbuds directly expose your ears to loud sounds that impact your ear drums in close range due to the close proximity of the earbuds to your ear canal.

To protect your ears from damage through the use of earbuds, lower the volume of your music so that you do not place constant strain on the ears. You can also take precautions to protect your hearing at the gym by educating yourself about the noise level that occurs at your gym. You can also spread the word about noise-induced hearing loss and request the gym instructor or manager to lower the volume of the music at the gym if you feel it is exceptionally loud. Make sure you test your hearing periodically, to detect and treat early signs of hearing loss. Lastly, give your ears a few well-deserved breaks between each of your workout routines so that you do not expose yourself to loud noises constantly. Take care of your ears and let the gym take care of your figure so that you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest!