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Hearing Services & Hearing Aids

In home Hearing Screening, Hearing Aid Services, and Hearing Protection Solutions. We have offices all over Indiana, find the nearest office to you.

Determining if you have hearing loss isn't always easy. That's why it's important to get a professional screening as soon as you can. Here you can find out what to expect at a Beltone hearing screening.

The experience is about an hour, easy and painless, and chances are you'll end up wondering why didn't I do this before? When you contact your nearest Beltone office, you'll learn what to expect for your first appointment. For example, it's important to bring a loved one or friend along with you. Their perspective and familiar voice can ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Inside the Beltone hearing care office, you'll be greeted by a friendly smile. And even through everything is new to you, you don't have to worry. Your hearing care professional will walk you through the entire process in a very relaxed atmosphere.

First, they'll ask what parts of your life hearing loss impacts you the most. Then they will examine your ears, followed by a hearing screening that measures how well you hear. You'll be asked to listen for quiet tones and indicate which ones you hear. You'll also listen to and repeat words to find out how your hearing impacts how you understand speech.

If you have hearing loss, your hearing care professional will present you with a selection of hearing aids that will match your personal needs and make recommendation. You will be offered a demonstration of how hearing aids will benefit you. If it's determined you can benefit from hearing devices, they can be custom made, in the ear or behind the ear models and they are always small and discrete.

Once you make your selection, you are ready for your hearing care professional to customize them for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. And you can be on your way to living life to the fullest again. So, if you suspect you may have hearing loss, even at a minimal level, take action now. Schedule your appointment today!

A better life is underway with the convenience and practicality brought to you by Beltone in Indiana. Our company provides a complete range of audiological services to improve the way you appreciate and receive sound, no matter what kind of hearing difficulty you may have. From in home hearing screening to providing the most ideal hearing aid and protection services, you’re in good hands with our professional team working through your hearing specific hearing needs.

With Beltone, we use various hearing products and modern testing equipment to deliver the following services:

  • In home hearing screening
  • In-office hearing screening
  • Hearing aid programming, fine tuning, and protection
  • Hearing loss simulation
  • Live speech mapping
  • Real ear measurements
  • Video otoscopy

Our audiological services and products are available to you at a range of reasonable prices that best fit your lifestyle and budget. For more information about our hearing aid solutions or to get a free hearing screening, contact your closest office by using our office locator.