If you are diabetic, studies warn to be aware of the threat of higher rate of hearing loss; here are tips

November is National Diabetes Month, and surprising to many – hearing loss is a prevalent comorbidity linked to the disease. Among multiple studies, researchers have discovered a higher rate of hearing loss in people with diabetes. Using tests that measure participants’ ability to hear at the low, mid and high-frequencies in both ears, the results indicate a link between diabetes and hearing loss at all frequencies. Also, diabetes mellitus patients have a moderately increased risk of future hearing loss, and screening for hearing loss allows for early medical intervention.

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Mask usage may have had impact on hearing issues

Pandemic era safety measures, like mask usage and social distancing, had negative affects on the hard of hearing, according to some experts and statistics.

According to data from the National Library of Medicine, 27.7 million American adults 18 years of age and over experience difficulty hearing.

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Can you hear me now, Noblesville?

Across the nation and right here in Hamilton County, Beltone is seeing a rise in patients who did not know they were struggling with hearing loss.

Many new Noblesville Beltone patients had thought they did not read lips or have hearing issues pre-COVID, but mandated masks illustrated that they may in fact have mild or moderate hearing loss and simply did not realize it because they had been compensating unconsciously.

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Hearing aids to be available over the counter

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — The FDA is establishing a new category of over-the-counter hearing aids.

CBS News finds the devices will be available for purchase without a medical exam or a prescription, and they could be in stores by mid-October.

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