Gifting Hearing Aids? Consider Preparing Them First

Gifting Hearing Aids? Consider Preparing Them First

Loss of hearing is the third most prevalent health condition in the United States. Hearing loss usually affects the elderly population, with half of the people aged 75 and above being affected by some form of hearing loss. While hearing aids can be a great way to help a loved one regain their world of sound, it is important to keep certain factors in mind before gifting them a pair of hearing aids.

You would think that a person with hearing loss would be overjoyed at the thought of getting new hearing aids. On the contrary, only about 14% of those with hearing loss actually use hearing aids! Several people simply live in denial about their hearing loss, while others feel that their hearing loss is not significant enough to warrant the use of hearing aids. Put it down to vanity or simple ignorance, but even a well-meaning gesture such as gifting hearing aids to a hearing impaired loved one can come across as an insult.

Hearing aids are definitely not cheap, so giving someone a pair of hearing aids that they may never wear may not be a good idea. Instead, have an open conversation with them about their hearing problem and provide them with necessary information about hearing loss to get them thinking about getting hearing aids. Always remember, in the end it is their decision to make, and the decision may not always be the one you want. In order to convince them to start wearing hearing aids, you will need to highlight the positive aspects of hearing aid use.

Many people with hearing loss are simply unaware of the fun they miss out on because they have slowly begun to isolate themselves and become socially withdrawn. Sit down with your loved one and discuss the joy of being able to regain an active social life and being able to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities with the help of hearing aids. Remind them of what it would be like to enjoy a movie without worrying about subtitles, or rocking out to a song without having to constantly crank up the volume.

Hearing aid users report a much higher satisfaction from their life and interpersonal relationships. Hearing loss can have a negative impact on the lives of hearing impaired individuals as well as those who live with them. Being able to communicate well is a foundation to a strong and healthy relationship, and this is a huge benefit that comes along with getting hearing aids. With hearing aids, your loved one will be able to hear their partner better and be able to communicate more efficiently, thereby helping their partner feel valued, loved and understood.

All adults are generally responsible for the most part. This is why it is important to emphasize the safety of loved ones that comes with wearing hearing aids. Aspects like being able to hear an intruder on the property, or being able to hear sirens or fire alarms can encourage hearing impaired individuals to consider getting hearing aids. After all, nothing is worth more than the lives of the ones we love.

Once your loved one sounds convinced, you can let them know that they no longer have to worry about bulky, ugly looking hearing aids since contemporary hearing aids are mostly invisible and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They can even enjoy added features such as Bluetooth streaming which can enable them to stream calls directly onto their hearing aids! There’s nothing quite like the promise of being connected with modern technology to entice people into getting hearing aids.

When your loved one is ready to get hearing aids, make sure you are there to support them all the way by starting off with helping them schedule a hearing exam and accompanying them to all their follow up visits to get their hearing aids. Hearing aids can really be a life-changing gift; all you have to do is get your loved one on board before you go out and buy them.