Giving a New Life to the Hearing Device Batteries

Giving a New Life to the Hearing Device Batteries

Hearing aids help improve your quality of life but it is important to keep them functioning properly to prevent any damage and unnecessary costs. Hearing aids have batteries that have four different sizes: size 10, 13, as well as 312 and 675. The batteries have their own specific color so that you can recognize them more easily.

Hearing aid batteries vary in their general lifespan depending on various factors. Certain electronic hearing aids utilize batteries faster than others. Even the environment that surrounds you can affect battery life. You can help improve the lifespan of your hearing device batteries using these simple recommendations.

Always store batteries with their plastic tabs intact. Once they come in contact with air, the batteries get activated, which is why it is important to keep the tabs on until it is time to use them.

Battery storage is an important factor in improving battery life. Store your batteries in a cool, dry place preferably in an airtight container. Keep your batteries away from children or pets and also keep coins and other types of metallic objects away from them since they may cause your batteries to malfunction.

Ensure that you operate your hearing aid batteries with clean, dry hands. The oils or sweat on your hands may damage the batteries. Always air-out your batteries before using them for the first time. Since the Zinc takes some time to activate, let your battery sit out after removing the plastic tab for about a minute or so. This will enable the battery to come in contact with air which will help to activate it properly.

Whenever you store your hearing aids, make sure the battery doors are open. This enables trapped moisture to escape from the batteries and prevent unnecessary drainage of battery. In case you do not plan to use your hearing aids for a long amount of time, remove the batteries altogether and place them in a separate place.

Storing hearing aid batteries can shorten their shelf life over time. This is why it is best to use newly packaged batteries for your hearing aids to get maximum use. Batteries may also be defective in some cases, in which case you can notify the manufacturer and ship the defective batteries back to them. They will be able to provide you with replacements or send you coupons to compensate for the defective battery.

Hearing aids can be a lot of fun to use since they bring the vibrant sounds of the world around you back to your ears. Make sure you take good care of your hearing aid batteries to make the most out of your hearing aid experience.