Loving Someone with Hearing Loss

Loving Someone with Hearing Loss

They say love is blind. In some cases, love can also be deaf when it comes to being intimately involved with a person with hearing loss. We all know that love rises above and beyond all sorts of obstacles, and loving a person with hearing loss is no different. Even though your love may be real and unchanging, being in a relationship with someone who has untreated hearing loss can be challenging.

Unlike blindness, people with hearing loss actually do have the easy, painless option of obtaining treatment for their condition through the help of hearing aids. This can make it even more frustrating when the person you love refuses to seek treatment for their hearing damage.

Imagine whispering sweet nothings into the ears of your loved one before realizing that what they heard really WAS nothing! It can dampen many a romantic mood and cause frustration and irritation within your relationship. You may end up fighting over trivial issues simply because your partner did not hear what you said.

Simple daily tasks may also become challenging for couples where one partner is hearing impaired. Even watching your favorite movie on television together may become uncomfortable when your hearing impaired partner keeps increasing the volume to an uncomfortable level. You may love going on long drives but find it hard to sit through the loud blaring music that your partner with hearing loss keeps blasting on the radio.

Having daily conversations may also be difficulty, since your hearing impaired partner may have misheard or not heard any of what you said at all. This can end up making you feel dejected and devalued.

Relationships are difficult to maintain as it is, without adding hearing loss to the mix. If you love your partner and your partner loves you back, sit down with them and openly discuss the options to treat their hearing loss.

If your partner is in denial about their hearing problem, do not force them to get their hearing tested. Simply point out to them each time their hearing loss affects their daily routine. When it comes to acceptance, awareness is key. After all, it is their ears and they will need to be mentally prepared to accept any form of treatment in their own time.

In order to increase awareness, it is important to inform your hearing impaired partner of the many dangers of untreated hearing loss. Not only would it adversely affect your personal relationship, hearing loss can actually damage their physical and mental health.

Hearing loss is linked to increased chances of developing dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even obesity. Those with hearing loss are also at an increased risk of sustaining injuries due to falling. Depression and anxiety are also found in those with untreated hearing loss. Discuss any of these conditions that your partner may be at risk for and help increase their awareness about the severity of the condition.

Be supportive and not argumentative when it comes to discussing their hearing problem. Lend your support and offer to accompany them to the audiologist when they finally come around to getting their hearing tested. Love your partner every step of the way and be there for them as they embark on their new journey of getting hearing aids.