Obtaining Hearing Aids Should be Your Decision

Obtaining Hearing Aids Should be Your Decision

To adapt successfully to new hearing aids it is very important that you have decided for yourself that you are ready to get help with your hearing and that hearing aids are the best option for you.

Perhaps you have identified one of the following:

  • You have noticed that your hearing is affecting your lifestyle
  • You feel that your hearing has become a cause for social isolation
  • You have decided that you want to improve your communication with family, friends and colleagues

The decision to obtain hearing aids should be for you and not to please someone else. It is important to make this decision for yourself as you get started in your hearing adventure.

As you hearing has been deteriorating over time and gradually changing, so has your brain. The auditory part of your brain has received less sound input and therefore has had less information to process. The auditory processing part of your brain has been forgetting what to do as it hasn’t had to work so hard (other cognitive parts of your brain have been working harder to try and keep up with conversation).

Luckily, once we provide that missing sound to your auditory system it can begin to use the information again and as long as it hasn’t been too long and your hearing loss is not too severe you can get a lot of functionality back.

Testing your new hearing aids is like a new exercise program, when you get hearing aids you need to start slowly and rebuild your “hearing muscles”. Like a new exercise program it can be hard at the beginning as you adjust to hearing again. Fortunately, hearing aids are now of such great quality that you will adjust fast.

The key to real success with hearing aids is continual use. A big reason that it is important that you are personally ready to get hearing aids is that you will have to wear them continuously in order to adapt to them.

Therefore it is important that you decide that you need hearing aids for yourself, because once you have decided to improve your hearing, there will be a short adaption process to go through as you adjust to hearing again. Being ready and in a positive frame of mind helps this process. Obtaining hearing aids starts you on a hearing adventure. If you are doubting your readiness you may find it a bit harder to adjust to your new hearing aids and to get on with hearing and communicating.

Once you are ready to start on your new hearing adventure feel free to contact us so that we may answer your questions and provide options. We will guide you through the adaptation process and make sure your hearing adventure is a positive one.