Practicing Safe Earphone Use

Practicing Safe Earphone Use

Earphones are an immensely popular method of listening to music since they are convenient, user friendly, and portable. However, despite being a popular accessory, they can also result in severe hearing damage.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) occur when the ears are exposed to sounds above 85 dB over a period of time. This is why it is important to use caution when using earphones since earphones are placed directly into the ear canal, which sends loud sounds directly into your inner ear. The best way to practice safe hearing is to modulate the duration you spend listening to music on your earphones, and also by reducing the volume of your personal audio device.

Make sure you provide a listening break for your ears. Do not spend hours and hours listening to your audio device. Spend a maximum of one hour at a stretch, then take a break for half an hour or so before resuming listening to music so that your ears get time to take some rest in between.

As a general thumb rule, use the 60/60 rule to maintain safe hearing practices and prevent NIHL. Play music at a maximum of 60% of the total possible volume on your device, and spend a maximum duration of 60 minutes per day listening to music at a stretch.

A good way to check whether your music is too loud is to try and have a conversation with someone sitting next to you while listening to music. If you cannot hear what they are saying to you, the volume is turned up too high and it is best to turn it down. Do not wait for hearing loss to ruin your favorite hobby. Practice safe listening habits and preserve your hearing for all your years to come.