Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

The holidays are a time for travel and exploration. Travel can be hectic and for people with hearing loss it can become difficult. We have put together some tips to make travelling with your hearing aids better.

Check that your Hearing Aids Are Working Properly – Ahead of your travel date, schedule an appointment in one of our offices so we can check your hearing aids and make sure they are working at their optimal level.

Let us know if you have experienced any changes in the quality of hearing. We will check your hearing aids and make any repairs necessary to improve your hearing experience. If this is not sufficient we can perform a hearing test to see if your hearing needs have changed since your last visit.

We offer routine maintenance and cleaning as well as hearing aid repairs.

Make Sure to Take all the Necessary Hearing Aid Supplies with You - Remember to take a supply of batteries or charger to recharge your hearing aids. If you have a charging station you may need to make sure it will work where you are travelling to, if you need an adaptor these are easy to purchase for your specific destination.

Don’t forget to bring cleaning supplies such as a soft cloth and if you are travelling to a warm or humid location you may want to bring a dehumidifier along. The dehumidifier will help remove moisture from your hearing aids. Don’t forget your remote control, phone app or case for your hearing aids if you have one.

While On the Road – Places such as airports, trains and bus terminals can be hard to navigate for those with hearing loss. Announcements over the public system may be difficult to understand. Use your hearing aids to your advantage to maximize your hearing ability. Noise-cancellation features will help you recognize speech and conversations.

Once you Are There - If you are visiting friends or family make sure you let them know if you have any special needs. If people are aware you may need to be called to the table or for people to speak to you while standing in front of you it will make it easier for everyone. If you are staying at a hotel let the staff know about any special needs so they can accommodate you. If you ask hotels will let you know about their safety procedures such as fire alarms and evacuations and can provide other accommodations.

Wishing you safe travels and wonderful Holidays!