Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance™ Plus

Miniaturized 3-in-1 earbud for hearing enhancement, music and calls

Hear more from life

These pioneering hearing-enhancing earbuds have been specifically engineered with advanced medical-grade technology, to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.

Our innovative design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you’re chatting with your partner in a busy café or catching up with friends over dinner, the sounds that matter will be crystal-clear.

Are you ready to hear clearly again?

A unique solution to a specific problem

Across the world, millions of people are struggling with their hearing in certain situations. To many, traditional hearing aids can feel like a big step – so we’ve engineered a solution.

This ground-breaking technology is the first of its kind, and it’s been specifically engineered to help bridge the average 6-year gap between first noticing some hearing loss, and actually seeking help.

Because life doesn’t slow down, so why should you?

Small buds. Big difference.

Hearing enhancement should be both discreet and comfortable. That’s why we’ve used our expert knowledge of the human ear and cutting-edge miniaturization techniques to pack all our world-leading medical-grade tech into this super-compact design.

Precision microphones, together with advanced noise reduction algorithms, reduce background noise, while our proprietary microprocessor improves clarity of speech. These compact little buds are also water resistant, so come rain or shine, they work perfectly.

Medical-grade hearing enhancement that fits seamlessly into your life.

Better music. Sharper sound.

With their powerful speakers, these discreet buds don’t just enhance the world around you, their advanced medical-grade technology also helps you hear your music and calls better too.

So whether you’re catching up with a friend on the phone, or relaxing with your favorite playlist, the people and content you love will sound so much clearer.

Better sound. Better hearing.

Hear your way, faster.

When you unbox your new Jabra Enhance™ Plus, you’re moments away from experiencing our advanced hybrid medical-grade technology for yourself, with professional guidance every step of the way.

Setup is easy - simply connect your buds to the free Jabra Enhance™ app and follow the on-screen instructions to personalize and program your earbuds to your specific needs.

Better hearing is literally at your fingertips.

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