Oticon Ruby

Made to move

Keeping you connected to the things that move you

New Oticon Ruby offers the best sound quality in Oticon’s essential category and is filled with great features:

  • New easy-to-use charger provides a full day’s charge in just a few hours.
  • Bluetooth® low energy connects you to a wide range of smartphones, TVs and computers.
  • New SuperShield feedback management system prevents whistling before it occurs so you can enjoy special moments without interruptions and without drawing unnecessary attention to your hearing aids.
  • Compatible with Oticon RemoteCare, an app that allows your hearing care provider to remotely adjust and fine-tune hearing aids in a virtual appointment, from the comfort of your home.

Prevent whistling before it occurs

Most hearing aid users are aware of the embarrassment of their hearing aids whistling when hugging someone, talking on the phone or just sitting in their car. The new SuperShield feedback management system prevents whistling before it occurs to improve your clients’ hearing aid experience.

A full day’s charge in three hours

Oticon Ruby brings reliable inductive charging to Oticon’s essential category. The super-fast charger can fully charge the hearing aids in three hours or provide an additional six hours of power with a 30-minute charge.

Connect to smartphones, tablets and TVs

Oticon Ruby’s wireless connectivity delivers high-quality sound streaming with low battery consumption to let your clients connect to the devices and people that mean the most to them. Your clients can also pair their Oticon Ruby hearing aids with multiple TV adapters and use the Oticon On App to select which TV to stream from.

Life-changing technology

Oticon Ruby behind-the-ear styles and Oticon Siya in-the-ear styles give you a complete selection of high-quality hearing aids in the essential category.

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  • 5 colors
  • Connectivity options
  • Rechargeable option
  • SuperShield feedback management system
  • Compatible with Oticon ON App and Oticon RemoteCare App

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Patient Testimonials

  • Today I had my first appointment with Beltone, and was so happy to have chosen them for my hearing aids. They were friendly, polite, and made me feel very comfortable. The hearing tests were very professional. Every step that was taken was explained to me. I was so happy with them and can't wait to get my new hearing aids. Thanks to everyone at Beltone. I will be referring you to all friends and family.

    Janice Meeks
  • My husband Jon just purchased his first set of hearing aids from Beltone of Warsaw, In and could not be more pleased!! Doctor and staff very patient, nice and informative with all of our questions. Knowing we have follow up appointments every three months puts us at ease that the staff will be on top of any problems or questions Jon may have in the future. Strongly recommend !!

    Rita Gage
  • Beltone in Auburn, IN. was an excellent experience. Very professional and the hearing test was comprehensive. I was paired with a set of hearing aids, that met my needs and were affordable. I would highly recommend.

    Kevin Hamman
  • Best hearing care I've received in my almost 20 years of wearing hearing aids! It's nice to have a team that truly cares. Wish I would have found you sooner. Thanks

    Denise Arnold
  • I was very impressed with the great knowledge of Mr. Mathes, his professionalism, and willingness to take the time to make sure you understand your options. The office staff friendly, helpful and efficient — office clean and nice.

    Linda Doss
  • Bob is really focused on helping me get the best out of my hearing instruments and working with the factory on a streaming issue. Easy to work with.

    Denny Schroff
  • If was a pleasant experience easy friendly and in and out. But very happy they worked with me to finance. I’ll definitely be highly recommending them to everyone. Thanks Brett and Kyle!

    Ron Zabel
  • I tried another brand of hearing aid years ago and had to return them because of all the squealing and poor sound quality. But with Beltone no squeals just true sound quality! The only problem I'm having is that they are so comfortable I forget to take them out at night and I have to get out of bed to put them on the charger.

    Arthur Corman